Sep 14

Rebecca Thorne Runs For Disorder Of The Stress

Rebecca Thorne loves to run for it is a great escape from the anxiety and disorder. Into the hills of North Wales she galloped like a horse. The place was a family holiday but she used to run. It was a pretentious act of her being a horse but now when she is 40 her running has become structured.

Running makes her absorb life with its tensions better and with so much positivity it is a great exercise. It was the losses of personal relationships and the trauma which she had to suffer that led her 30 years to come out of the illness which was described as ‘mental’ condition. Continue reading →

Feb 14

Arden Grove Infant School students running for Sport Relief

Arden Grove Infant School’s sporty youngsters heartily welcomed Team Honk, a bloggers’ team carrying a Sport Relief wand from Land’s End to John O’Groats, and after that clocked up 5 miles to serve the team for its aim of raising £ 20000.

After that the wand was taken to Fitness Express at the Hethersett – the place where the members of the Norwich Team Honk covered a further sixty miles on bikes and treadmills so that the wand could resume its journey from the Cambridge.

This running event was parent Clare Anderson’s idea, who linked with Team Honk on social networking sites as well as asked Hellesdon School if they wanted bring their Sport Relief fund raising program forward.

Clare Anderson told that it would have been such a shame for the school to miss out. Some of the children have already stated that they would never go to forget this. They have been having collections in each classroom to raise money. They all have the recollection of Olympic Torch coming past the school. More than that, they all very excited at the idea.

Daniel Thrower, the head teacher, stated that the school staff and kids had a great time. It was a magnificent scope brought to them by Jacob’s mother and they were delighted to help. Schools and youth manager at the Comic Relief asked schools to participate again this year. She told that schools and nurseries are some of the best fundraisers for Sport Relief and they are hugely grateful for their continued dedication and hard work.

Dec 13

Dallas Marathon getting promoted

For international marathon runners, Dallas is now being marketed as a popular December destination. The runners could take part in MetroPCS Dallas Marathon as well as Half marathon, get engage in their holiday shopping as well as take in the arts or sports offerings of the city, stated Phillip Jones, Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau’s president and chief executive officer.

Phillip stated that he and his team are very actively marketing Dallas’ marathon throughout the country as well as across the world, mainly in Latin America, Europe, Japan and Australia. Jones, who is a multi sport athlete, told that there are people like him who travel the world and like to do destination races. He has taken part in forty marathons that even includes full Ironman races.

This time, American Airlines has collaborated with the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau to launch collaborations with the race organizers in Lima, Peru and in Mexico City. In Mexico, the Airlines collaborated with convention and visitors bureau as well as RunMX.com on a sweepstakes to push Dallas marathon to Mexico’s enthusiastic running community.

Marathon participants of Mexico City might utilize their race bib to come in a sweepstakes to win 2 roundtrip tickets to Dallas, complimentary entry in the race and hotel stay. In Peru, the American Airlines collaborated with Perurunners.com to promote the race. They believe that they have been successful in tapping the international market.

Oct 13

Porfilio guides McGill ladies to 4th

Longueuil’s Jessica Porfilio finished 2nd overall, guiding McGill to Quebec women’s cross country running competition in rainy, windy and cold conditions at the Le Club de Golf de Sherbrooke on Saturday.

It was the 4th straight conference award for Martlets, who dropped provincial crown in the year 2009 after winning it for twenty consecutive times from the year 1988 to 2007.
Porfilio, a 3rd year nursing major student, finished the 6 kilometre run in twenty three minutes and 1.2 seconds. She behind Sarah Bergeron Larouche of UQTR who ended 1st of 78 runners in the 22:31. McGill’s Jullien Flynn, who is a biology junior student from Sault Ste. Marie also got to the podium, claiming the bronze medal in 23:17. Continue reading →