Jan 15

Fitness: Half Marathon Training

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Dec 14

Projet “Marathon” vers des trains de 1500 mètres (€uro4027 €uro4028)

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Nov 14

Marathon running [Half] Day 6 Snake encounter

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Oct 14

28 Mile Training run with Sage Canaday: ultra marathon training long run

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Sep 14

Rock and Roll Guide to Marathon and Half Marathon Training

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Sep 14

Rebecca Thorne Runs For Disorder Of The Stress

Rebecca Thorne loves to run for it is a great escape from the anxiety and disorder. Into the hills of North Wales she galloped like a horse. The place was a family holiday but she used to run. It was a pretentious act of her being a horse but now when she is 40 her running has become structured.

Running makes her absorb life with its tensions better and with so much positivity it is a great exercise. It was the losses of personal relationships and the trauma which she had to suffer that led her 30 years to come out of the illness which was described as ‘mental’ condition. Continue reading →