1. Why the bandaids over the nipples?

  2. did this guy run in college?

  3. One piece of toast then run 28 miles?????

  4. I love watching this guy. Blows my mind! 

  5. Great pace.

  6. +Vo2maxProductions how do I get the music?

  7. Holy crap you’re an amazing runner, keep it up

  8. Hi Sage ran a race(half) in Australia called Roller coaster your vid was
    inspirational towards wanting to do trail runs really like it but he hills
    where insane at least 1000 m elevations scary stuff > but how does one run
    down hall that is pretty heavy on the quads 

  9. what are the benefits of running so long at…. well, VO2 max?

    i rarely do long runs at proper tempo in training – usually aim for either
    60-70% WHR if i’m trying to get distance into the legs, or 70-80% training
    for a long race…. you must have been over 80% for most of this! does that
    have added benefits? or were you just sorta testing out your base fitness
    and seeing how hard and long you could push yourself…?

  10. beast, awesome!

  11. Monster run…I love this vid. And I love the song!

  12. simple sugars = fuel. The legs use up all the of the body’s glycogen and
    the brain needs carbs to operate as well. a lot of times you start going
    into a state of hypoglycemia after running hard/fast over over 20 miles
    without taking in any calories. Lemonade also has some sodium
    (electrolytes). In a 50k race I drank some flat soda.

  13. @thecatlikereflexes1 Hey thanks! Eugene, Oregon represent.

  14. @cicirunner Thanks man! It took a long time and a large aerobic base of
    7min miles to have the strength to pull it off. Great to hear you are going
    to do your first marathon – best of luck with your training and have fun at
    the race.

  15. This guy is a boss. If I could run that fast I’d be fast.

  16. You have inspired me to start running again, I saw your vid because
    “Tombooze25” favorited it and he’s one of my Youtube buddies who runs
    aswell. I am no where near this type of running but non the less you make
    me want to go and run which me and my buddy Rounder(Australian Shepherd)
    will do. Thanks for the vid and God bless

  17. @94phenom ha ha, thanks man!

  18. Jesus christ, I know you already know this but you were running consistent
    sub 6 minute miles over 28 miles, How long have you been running?

  19. @keasy84 hey thanks. 5min miles are no walk in the park – I’m gasping for
    air when the camera isn’t filming!

  20. Ha. Hey Sage I’m 5’11” and weight 145 pounds as well!!!

  21. are you striking midfoot? really doesnt look like it :/

  22. At least try and look tired at the end. Amazing running.

  23. oh, I’ve never experienced that, I guess I’m not running long enough…

  24. @ytblvd What is your weekly mileage? Do you take Gu or energy gels during
    these long runs? It also depends on what other workouts you do (ie tempo
    runs, track intervals, etc). It’s most likely still about building leg
    strength and efficiency so increasing your weekly mileage and doing more
    tempo runs are probably going to be your best bet.

  25. Check out this Strong Run. 54 MILES and 540 pull-ups to help raise funds
    for a POW-MIA memorial and a sports field honoring a 13 year-old boy who
    died of brain cancer. Search “54 mile strong run Elijah miller” on youtube.

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