1. josh needs to fix his arms.

  2. your form isnt any good. Otherwise you could do it too. I have seen women smaller than me run so fast, so I said, what the hell? I figure out that I ran wrong. Now I do 540 miles for 5k. i don’t even feel so bad. I used to be barely able to run one 6 minute mile a few months ago.

  3. I went on a 5 miler at 6:15 pace and felt tired as shit afterwards. This guy goes at 5:30 pace after 25 miles barely breaking a sweat.

    fuck this gay earth.

  4. It’s funny because I do 30 miles in a week and he did it in 1 day….

  5. What a beast

  6. what is the name of the song?

  7. Ultrarunners

  8. I think the ones that Josh is wearing are arm coolers, they are supposed to keep your body cooler, and protect your skin from sun. There are also arm warmers which keep you warmer, and protect your skin from the sun.

  9. Some of the arm sleeves made now use a special material to keep your arms cool if you sweat and to protect your arms from a “farmer’s tan” and/or harmful effects from the sun. They are known to actually keep your arms around 7 degrees cooler.

  10. Well, I guess I can also thank my diet. I eat a bunch of protein, were talking about a gallon of milk every day, thats 128g of protein by itself. I guess I am also 5’11” and weigh 120 lbs. I can thank my metabolism, I have actually been pronounced dead because I am so skinny. But I take in at least 4,000 cal a day. 5,000 if I am running 10 or more miles

  11. I believe the proper name is “arm panties.”

  12. Is it just me, but like at 2:00 and some other parts it looks like Josh’s legs look like gazelles/antelopes legs just keep going and going, or something like that.

  13. Josh is wearing arm warmers. Mammoth Lakes has pretty low humidity at elevation, so even 80 degree temperatures can actually feel a little cool. Those warmers help prevent the hands from getting cold (and are also helpful for wiping your nose after a, um, snot rocket); quite helpful for a three hour run. 🙂

  14. Inspirational video man!

  15. Thanks for mentioning! Totally slipped my mind. You’re right!

  16. I actually wear one on my left calf for circulation but I am surprised a good runner like him would need them on his arm. I wonder if he needs them or they just help?

  17. I think it is for circulation. They are socks though. They are made for the arms.

  18. WHy does he have compression socks on his arm? Circulation?

  19. MIle 30, 5:11? Amazes me every time I see this!

  20. I thought I was fast running a mile in 5:17 as a 6th grader but this is poop-your-pants fast!

  21. whao, what pace. Inspiring.

  22. I wish they had the whole video of them running.

  23. He has a minimal amount of bodyweight, very efficient running form, and a very high VO2 max, but that is still insane.

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