1. I like it???

  2. that's cute

  3. that's cute

  4. Did i hear touchdown??????????

  5. Learn ya footy

  6. Everyone ? happy

  7. Lolololololololololoolool

  8. It's a try not a touchdown ?

  9. This restores my faith in humanity

  10. Shout out to those players that let him score

  11. If this was football he'd of been rugby tackled by the plod straight away ?

  12. Real legend was the 4 year old, he just ran past that 99 rated defense like it was nothing in front of him

  13. Other team looked like they weren't even trying wtf is this

  14. Cornwall1888 kill yourself it's called good sportsmanship u probably live with your parents in their basement with a blow up doll bc that's the only action u will ever get

  15. It's a try not NFL

  16. 🙁

  17. Y no one like meh comont

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