1. can you do you a video on eating habits and how to get on a´╗┐ healthy diet for running ­čÖé

  2. What’s your diet´╗┐ for half marathon training?

  3. the best part of the plan – is that you can watch the vampire diaries´╗┐ and the secret circle!!!! yay!!!!

  4. do you use an app´╗┐ to help you track your distance?

  5. yay! My new years resolution was to run 5k, and if I can do that before mid year, then tackle 10k´╗┐ ­čÖé

  6. Could please do a video on how you change your diet via adding´╗┐ more protein/calories…trying to do the same to get more muscle onto my chicken legs! Hahahaha thanks!(:

  7. When you get close to the date or even after could you tell us´╗┐ how you changed your diet (eating more protein, calories etc.) thankss(:

  8. Wow, how long did it take you to´╗┐ run the 7 miles?!

  9. could you do a video on what you do for cross-training and strength training?´╗┐ thanks! x

  10. yay´╗┐ for allisonruns!

  11. What is your´╗┐ average pace?

  12. not planning to run at all ust really enjoy your videos´╗┐
    much love from the uk more vlogs and tags and book videos plsss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Good luck, I’d love to do this one day! Keep us updated´╗┐ ­čÖé

  14. Can you do a video about how you started running.. like in depth in terms of the plan like you just showed us that you used at that time.. I’m really interested in starting to run but I would be a beginner and having a plan similar to the one you showed us here would be very helpful, and also knowing how you eased´╗┐ yourself into it and made yourself keep going would be helpful as well!! thanks!

  15. Best of luck, i wish i was as fit as you :)´╗┐

  16. can you tell us what you do´╗┐ for cross-training? maybe in a new AllisonRuns video?

  17. You can do it´╗┐ !

  18. how do´╗┐ you track your distance?

  19. go allison! you can do´╗┐ it (:

  20. alison i love your running vlogs! your gear video was supper helpful!! But i was wondering what clothes you wear whilerunning (especially in the cold!)? Thumbs up so she can´╗┐ see!

  21. when it’s´╗┐ the day of the competition, can someone in your family or friends vlog it?! i would LOVE to see! thumbs up!

  22. good luck, I’m seriously struggling with my running. I’ve gotten to 2.5k (pathetic, yes but I’m coming from below´╗┐ zero fitness) and feel like I’ve hit a wall. Any advice as to how to get through and continue on?

  23. Do you live in a college town? Cause now that I do I’m so nervous to go out by myself to go walking/running haha. And girl you ran seven miles just like… casually. You can SO´╗┐ do a half marathon. I can’t wait to hear updates about your progress! ­čÖé

  24. Wow! Good for you! This´╗┐ is really admirable of you! Keep it up and DON’T GIVE UP!

  25. @emmalovesyou81 a lot of times shin splints come from running on pavement or the road, try running on a softer surface´╗┐ like dirt or grass:)

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