1. inspiring´╗┐

  2. She worked so, so hard to get the Bronze…She is AMAZING! I always cry
    with her when she crosses the finish line…love you Deena!

  3. tremenda carrera se mando la gringa Deena Kastor, yo vi en vivo esa final

  4. Amazing. Did they run this super early in the day – looks dark outside.

  5. …her finishing brought back tears in my eyes..

  6. Deena still inspire me and we have a signed poster to me and my daughters
    in our living room.

  7. Yes this was quite difficult to put into words when I watched it on the day
    – what a come from behind coup! Well done Deena. When she said in her
    interview her hopes this will revive marathoning for the U.S., I have to
    ask when will Canada ever get a marathoner on the podium?

  8. I think the forth placer OR the last one should be have more reason to cry.
    this is inspiring.

  9. Thank you for this. I have been looking for it for a long time.

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