1. Good luck brother..

  2. and dont tell me P! is the new trainer

  3. R.I.P. To Your Pops DRU. and R.I.P. to mine also !

  4. SALUTE!!!

  5. Thats an excellent cause big ups to you dru ha! Aizhemus is not a nice thing but thats some of the set backs we have to deal with in life. very insprational! do ur thing

  6. Damn I need that title

  7. It’s some random axe song

  8. wHATS THE name of the Sean P joint at the End?? Shit is FIYYYYAHHH!!!

  9. you already seem to be fit, but after the whole training you’ll be fit as hell i suppose 🙂

  10. big up yaself big cheese!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Its nice to see that there is a positive side of hip-hop for a change besides this dude beefing with that dude or somebody getting arrested…good luck dru!!

  12. We are a band at Duke University using music to support Alzheimer’s research. Donate $2.50 to the Alzheimer’s Association and you receive our full 4-song EP including ‘A Beautiful Life’- a meaningful song about coping with Alzheimer’s.
    Support the cause at CloverCreekProject dotcom !!!

  13. They should have a Duck Down marathon

  14. like to see sean p run that shit too haha.

    but all jokes aside, best of luck and my condolences.

  15. Good luck…your looking ready…

  16. Good luck !
    “I always get the pussy cause I tell em that Im Spanish”

  17. Good luck!

  18. Much respect!

  19. good luck.
    it has to come out good because you’re doing it for a good cause.
    i hope this helps you heal from your lost.


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