1. shout outs to Dallas P! Respect to decep, hail meg

  2. billy d in a bottle HAHAHAHAH

  3. He lost bumbididely 5 pds….LOL R.I.P

  4. lmao @ :56…Sean ass is crazy

  5. Training for the marathon will be more fun when I keep this vid in mind.

  6. energy drink LOL ahahahah !!! P*******

  7. @PhatsouL87 that’s a song from the KRS/Buckshot album feat Immortal Technique. And yes that’s a black milk (dope)track called “runnin away”

  8. LOL….

  9. You got a good ear….that definitely sounds like a Black Milk banger…

  10. hilarious!

  11. this is dope…series???

  12. all i’m a say is tracksuit bottoms dun

  13. Haha! “Energy Drink”

  14. Haha that was a good video. You guys need to do more of those!

  15. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn! Look at all them grills. I would never leave that corner mayne.

  16. Wow, he looks the same as he did back in the late 90’s. 

  17. ha ha. crazy mufukas.

  18. sean p should have a t.v show

  19.  Sean Price and Dallas Penn funny as hell haha – DeeRok of The Hip Hop Head dot Net

  20. Funny shit =}

  21. I have been saying it for awhile, Sean Price is funny as shit. You need to check out his “Going to the store and Shopping, and winning a Turkey” I swear I laugh every time I see that shit…son is funny as hell

  22. This is why I love Duck Down lol

  23. Dallas Penn got the 2009’s on all crazy…

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