1. recommend the book too

  2. Just finished Rich’s book. Fantastic!!! FYI – there is dietary info in the appendices.

  3. Hey Harley, am about to start reading Rich Rolls book. Thanks for the review. I have just finished Scott Jureks book ‘Eat & Run’, which is a testament to the performance value of a vegan lifestyle and the ultrarunner. Would love to hear your thoughts on Scotts book.

  4. Hey man, i’ve been reading this book and its great. Just wondering, rich talks about running with a low heart rate in Zone 2 in order to improve endurance and speed… do you recommend this for 5k training also?

  5. Saw this review then bought the audiobook myself. Great book, great story. I my-self heard about the UltraMan-Tri prior to reading this book and had decided this is a race i want to train for and with Rich’s story i know better about how to train smarter just like Harley always says. Overall very inspirational book for my-self. A must read for anyone who is interested in ultra endurance sport or for someone who says “you can’t be an athlete at middle age.”


  7. Same a day sitting in bed reading. 10g of carbs per kg per day MINIMUM and then 1g per kg per bodyweight per hour when out riding.

  8. Hi mate, just curious as to what you eat before a 150 Kay ride?

  9. Hey Durianrider, check this out:

    BodyRocker Meal of the Day by Jana!!

    “Pizza Omelett – no carbs, just eggs, chicken breast, tuna, and fresh veg – topped with cheddar cheese :)”
    Thought you want to rant about it.

  10. I can’t wait to receive my order in the mail here in Australia, ordered it the day it was available. Thanks for being vegan.

  11. Best fruit and water is the stuff you find yourself. I sure do wish we lived in a more natural world though. Maybe if I make another 10 million youtube videos my suburb might get a bit closer. 😉

  12. o great, spring water….starting to sound like you-know-who… next it will be lion skull powder….
    jk! :), love natural fresh water!!

  13. Right on! Like you said in the other vid: people are tired of being spectators of life, it’s time to live life. One of the reasons why people don’t take up an active lifestyle is that they could never compete with what they see on TV – so they feel discouraged to even try. And they are really afraid what people think of their belly as they run by. Anything that helps getting over that fear of what people may think is a good thing in my opinion. Keep it up, bro. I like your contributions a lot.

  14. Just ordered my copy yesterday..Can’t wait to dive into it. Rich has been a big inspiration to me for a while now.

  15. wrinkles = low body fat? LOL…isn’t low body fat a good thing…I would think that wrinkles would have to do with too much sugar or not enough sugar… And also if one has wrinkles on their forehead you feel that they’ll be able to reverse it and get rid of it…?

  16. wrinkles = low body fat? LOL…isn’t low body fat a good thing…I would think that wrinkles would have to do with too much sugar or not enough sugar…

  17. Stay in touch mate.

    Look up the doco ‘alone across australia’ by John Muir.

  18. Thx Harls. I’m gearing up for a walk across the U.S. to promote the plant-based lifestyle, so I’m always watching you for inspirational stuff like this. VeganTrek is the project. Hope to see ya along the way. Bryan_

  19. Right on man, real water is the best., far better than tap distilled and reverse osmosis

  20. Harley, you ever think of doing an Ironman?

  21. For me rejecting middle age is about rejecting worshipping the god of public opinion that says once we are over 25 we should stop staying fit and trying to crack PR’s or explore new sports/places etc.

    We live in a world were people are afraid to sweat it out up a big hill cos people will think they ‘are weird’. I say fuck that. I say get amongst it whatever your level, ability, age, gender etc. Sleep, water, sugar up and slip out of that comfort zone a few times a week/month.

  22. Anytime man. I was actually literally riding thru Springbrook National Park when you started talking about your experiences at Springbrook. Spooky.

    Thanks for writing a great story & book I can recommend to literally anyone.

  23. wrinkles = low body fat. Celebs use botox for that. Pimples is detox of either current foods or old toxins. Stress can create skin flair ups too.

  24. Did Durianrider just “rick…rich roll” us?

  25. Lol. He just needs to bike 150 kilos to take it down a notch.

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