1. Yikes, man, you look better with hair!

  2. hey DurianRider… learn anything about hybrid foods yet or is a hybrid banana just the same as the original banana to you? lol at least you try mate you try thats all that matters

  3. haha, awesome bro 😉 great answer

  4. Cuz me n Harley had so much energy after the marathon we ran over to the ocean and had a swim race over the international date line and on to California where it’s still February 11. Uploaded the video, ate some bananas, and swam back to Feb 12 in Thailand.

  5. how is it on the 12th when the video was uploaded on the 11th……

  6. Wow Superman was there! (1:59) How quickly did he run it?

  7. Harley is a walking (running/cycling) inspiration! 30bad.com

  8. Nice bike Harley! What happened to your calfee bamboo?

  9. Thats pretty cool Harley.I’ve done the NYC marathon 3 times and I could barely walk after.More bananas I guess ?

  10. Good editing bro! :)

  11. Normally the day at the race is around November or December which is cooler, after that you can enjoy hangout at Khaosan road a walk distance nearby.

  12. love the buzz cut harley :o)

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