1. Randomly found your video! Good luck on your run…I’m doing my first Half
    in 2 weeks. By the way, you’re soo pretty and I love your voice.

  2. We have the Rock & Roll marathons here in Va Beach too. I haven’t run one
    but I’ve been a spectator and it is fun. Enjoy!

  3. Yes. I’ve run 7 half marathons (I believe…it’s been over a few years). I
    am currently training for a marathon. We are in the same boat. I took time
    off and I had to start over. Girl… Anyway, best of luck to you. I have my
    next race this week–a 10k–and I’m gradually building. My marathon is on
    January 1st. 

  4. Awesome! I hope you start another challenge! I’m on a fitness journey and I
    could use motivation for running!

  5. Wow! This is great 🙂
    Im working my way up to a 5k – ive just started out, so thanks for these
    tips. Cant wait to I get up to a half marathon.
    Looking forward to keeping up with you on this.
    Please can you give me some tips on running in the winter :0 im loving
    running in autum as the weather is just right for me, but I dont want to be
    discouraged by the cold hehe x

  6. I think what you are doing and sharing with the yt community is great. I
    absolutely pray that all goes well for you during your training and the
    marathon. I look forward to updates.

  7. Congrats! I started running about a year ago. I run with a running group
    called Black Girls Run. My last race was a 15K (9.3) in September. My
    next goal is a half marathon in 2015. Running with BGR has been awesome.
    In our running group there is about 35 (to 50 on a great weather day)
    running 3- 5 miles at 5 am 2x a week. Some of us get together on the
    weekends for long runs. The motivation and encouragement has kept me
    going. Not to mention there is safety running in numbers! It’s been a
    great stress reliever & I’ve seen my body change. I also do workout dvd’s
    at home to help with my strength & conditioning. It’s all about being
    healthy!! Good luck to you!!!

  8. Good luck! I am training for a half in December and am wondering what I got
    myself into as well. :)

  9. Yes!!! I joined the steel feather marathon this summer and it was such an
    awesome motivation. Do you plan to do another one bc I would love to join
    it again.

  10. Great video. I’m currently training for my first 5K which is in December.
    I’ve been using the C25K and Nike run app. It’s been a struggle sometimes
    but I pat myself on the shoulder because I’m coming from not being able to
    run for less than 5 minutes before. Good luck on your training and
    accomplishing you’re goal. 

  11. If you are still in AZ, BGR is up and running here. Check us out on
    Facebook at Black Girls Run Phoenix or on the BGR website. There are
    scheduled runs all over the valley. I’m doing my first half in three weeks
    (3TV)….good luck with your training! 

  12. You’re training for a WHAT?! New Video! #fitness

  13. *your goal. 

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