1. @demonfrog1776 This isn’t even funny. He ran 26 miles at a pace faster than
    you could run 1 mile.

  2. did he still win??

  3. @BIGBEASTYBURGER He was from Kenya. >_>

  4. @MrGrindcore69 all marathons are 26 miles

  5. too cocky


  7. I could easily run a marathon…just give me 4 days and consider it done 😛

  8. a hater threw a banana peel in front of him.

  9. ahahahahaha what an idiot

  10. @ilikemuffins222 hell na i smoke to much i can barely run a mile without my
    lungs fucking feeling like they are gonna collapse

  11. He was fucking tired you retards.

  12. hahahahaha, frikin hilarious!

  13. lol that suxs

  14. hey shit head, do u have any idea how hard running actually is. if a
    football player tried to do the stuff runners do, they would probably pass
    out about 5 or 6 miles in

  15. looks like he’s trying to limbo the finish line

  16. did he win?

  17. wow , i didnt know limbo was added in a marathon

  18. He did not fall, the guy had a seizure.

  19. Butter feet

  20. it was slippery because they were using a new type of decal for the finish
    line, and it was raining that day

  21. @birdmannoscpe Yes, the the jury declared him as the winner

  22. what a racist finish line

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