1. My god stop dieting, change your eating habits permanently. It isn’t hard. 

  2. I rode a fifty mile bike ride on Sunday and I am only 8 years old

  3. Shay, you inspire me to run 10 miles a day, and I am trained and capable,
    and so inspired that you have done it with amazing results….but aaaagh I
    can do it one day, then the next day I get mentally lazy and start
    rationalizing and making excuses, etc. And I am so sick of my lazy athletic
    self and I just want to rip my brain out and be like Nike and JUST DO IT!
    Just run 10 miles a day, or even every 2 days…ignore the calloused feet,
    laundry duties multiplied, nutritional needs altered, etc.

  4. I really like the videos where they go out somewhere and get lots of
    cardio. It’s like a free vacation but I get motivated to go do stuff when
    the video ends

  5. Shay it’s not healthy to lose weight and just gain it back a month at a
    time… Keep working no matter what and get the fat out for sure! The
    pattern your in isn’t getting rid of the fat, it’s just shrinking it. Make
    sure to keep going love you bro!

  6. I am a 16 year old guy and 173 pounds and it sucks. Obviously i’ve been
    making excuses and eating the crappy food they serve at my school for years
    now and its finally gotten to the point I need to stop. I stopped eating
    their crap and started bringing my own healthy sandwich and carrots to
    lunch and stopped buying chips and started bringing almonds or nuts for a
    snack. Ive also been drinking a lot more water and less juice. Its honestly
    been the hardest time in my life…and its only been two days.. but i know
    it will pay off in the future. Thanks for motivating me Shay!

  7. i love your videos shay.
    [how do you get a explamation mark]

  8. Like a lot of people are saying, you guys really new to sort out your
    diets, more than just exercising! :)

  9. I’m SO glad I clicked on this video. Shirtless CASEY! Mmmm mmmm mmm!

  10. I don’t have the money but i’m still joining without being in the diet bet

  11. you guys need fiber.. do smoothies! juices are unsustainable!!
    but juice is a great preworkout since it digests superfast!

  12. NOW I see where the kids got it from. They repeat what they hear in the
    house. Shay said “I look like a fat HOMELESS man”! WTF???? Come on Shay,
    think before you speak! Emmi has already said that SHE was FAT!!!! Cause
    she heard it from YOU!!!!!

  13. I watch Shayloss while on the treadmill i’m on right now ahah 

  14. I think Shay should see a nutritionist to be on a consistent eating plan.
    He really does yo-yo with his eating habits 

  15. I know it’s not an excuse, but Shay I’m probably not the only one who would
    be three times as motivated if I lived near a beach!

  16. Casey lives @ 3901 Beethoven St.

  17. I am a pretty pretty princess

  18. i love shay, he is so inspirational i don’t know if he’ll see this but, he
    had helped me through some bad times :Dx

  19. Shay stop lifting and just work on cadio. P.s The small nipples aren’t that
    noticeable when Shay has a hairy chest. Lol

  20. I don’t understand…Shay said at 20 miles should they keep going or go
    back. Even if they turned right around and went back, that should be 40
    miles, right?

  21. I think Ron is such a cutie!!! 😉 

  22. if anyone knows or can relate to this , i have an eating disorder , i
    starve myself and sometimes binge and purge . i used to over eat which made
    me gain a bunch of weight . i basically went from 1 extreme to another . i
    was wondering if anyone who could relate to this and has found a solution
    could help me . ive gotten a bit better with it but i found m gaining more
    and more weight so then i go back to not eating . all of myfriends are all
    beautiful even the ones who are over weight but i just hate mybody and i
    dont know what to do anymore

  23. I need to gain weight, so sick of hearing about people wanting to lose
    weight when I need to GAIN IT!. I’m 6’2 and only weight 125 pounds.

  24. Did my first marathon on Saturday. Thanks for inspiring me 🙂 

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