1. I thought about doing an Ultra too! Those suckers are seriously hard core for sure! I’ve raced from 5k to a full marathon too! I kinda miss training :o/

  2. It went pretty well. I didn’t train for it at all so I didn’t come in under 2 hours like I wanted to. Time was 2:17 :o/ I’ve gotten super lazy since the hm and haven’t run anymore races…..though I’m always itchin’ to run more. I guess it’s in my blood :o)

  3. I. love you. This is fantastic! I am doing the same thing. Training for a half in February!!!! Keep the hard work up girl!

  4. Initially I was thinking October in Atlanta for the North Face Endurance Challenge but then the sane part of my brain convinced the insane part that it wouldnt be sufficient training time plus its a trail with some technical terrain with elevations. So I’ve decided to tackle a flat course loop on December 11 @ Tallahassee’s Ultra Distance Classic where I can just focus on keep going instead of expanding more energy wondering where the hell is my foot landing so I wont bust my butt on a trail.

  5. Cool…..just saw thw email. Yeah I dont think YT allows web addresses or email addresses in the comments section. Guess it’s a protection against spammers or something.

  6. i googled it sista, i tried to copy and paste one on here, but it keeps giving me an error message

  7. Thats what happened to me…..I ran the marathon then sat on my butt for weeks afterwards and lost most of the benefits that I gained during training :o( Now it’s time to pick it back up! Good luck with your 5k!

  8. Gotcha! Still looking….

  9. OMG a friend of mine is an ULTRAmarathon freak! For some reason he does them all the time…..complains about the pain afterwards then does another one a few months later! lol YES, ultras are a HUGE deal! I never thought I’d ever even consider an ULTRA but then again, I never thought I’d ever run a full marathon either….but I did! Def something to think about! When are you planning on doing the 50 miler?

  10. I know I know…..its sooo hard to leave them alone :o( I think I’m just going to wear my loc soc / scarf around the house just so I can keep my hands out of my hair. Thanks for reminding me :o)

  11. What did you do about the calendar though…..thats what I meant to ask you the other day.

  12. Thanks :o) 

  13. Thx :o) 

  14. Well, I just googled a few training schedules and chose one that I thought I could hang with. There are tons of training schedules out there….for all different levels of runner (beginner, intermediate, and advanced runners). 7 miles non stop is awesome!! Keep it up and you’ll be straight for the half in Oct.

  15. Ahhh the good ‘ole Cooper River Bridge Run!! A friend of mine ran that one a few months ago. I thought about tackling that one but that bridge it HUGE, HIGH, and TOO LONG! I think I’d freaki out right there on the bridge :o( I’m not too far from Charleston…..maybe I’ll work up the courage to tackle it next April. Yes, just keep running…..you’re already good at running…..bc you’re doing it! :o)

  16. Definitely a good idea to have an event to train towards. If I didn’t have two 5Ks coming up, I definitely wouldn’t be running 3 times a week so that’s keeping me on my toes. After those events, I will pick another just to make sure I don’t lose the progress I’m working so hard for. Also, Insanity is an excellent choice.  God job! 🙂

  17. You can tell if an ebay buyer is legit by looking at their sales numbers. Look for a user with a high number of items sold and high satisfaction rating…no less than 98%. Their feedback score is in the top right corner of the sales page. Click on the user name to see history and reviews by purchasers.

  18. You ever thought about tackling an ULTRAmarathon. That’s a challenge that can definitely keep you motivated. The ultra world has so much variety and that’s what keeps me interested. (6-24hr races, 50k trails, 50milers, 100milers and the finisher awards for some are kewl buckles). I did a half last year and now the most sensible thing to do is train for a full marathon but of course not me, I’m skipping the whole shabang and tackling a 24hour race then a 50miler. Care to join?

  19. get your hands out of those sisterlocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i learned the hard way its calles SLIPPAGE…they look great!

  20. girl download Insanity from Frostwire! I did instead of buying it

  21. Tru, I jus older or bid and got it, maybe a lil lucky.

  22. You look at the percent, either 99% or 100% is the most trusted.

  23. I use eBay quite a bit and have had about 99% positive experiences. Look for well rated sellers if you’re leery =) cheers!

  24. Do you have a training schedule? Im wanting to train for a half in october too and was curious if you had a link to a runnign schedule. The longest distance i have ever done without stopping is 7 miles.

  25. Good luck Amy!!!! I am training for the Cooper River Bridge Run (Charleston, SC) next April…. It’s a 10K….
    And I have recently started running, so hopefully I will be good by the time it gets here.

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