1. Hey thanks – “Run with the Best” with Irv Ray and Tony Benson is worth a read. Lots of different training. “Daniels Running Formula” is always a classic as well. Some of the old training threads on the LetsRun.com forum is good (search Tinman, JK and Canova). Yeah, I did a 50k trail´╗┐ race and it was actually a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to try training with 25+ mile long runs because I think it could help my marathon. I’ll still race on the road at shorter distances too.

  2. Hey Sage, Besides your book (which I will eventually buy) can you recommend any other books that´╗┐ you recommend reading. I’ve read Advanced Marathon and just ordered Marathoning by Hal Higdon’s. Any others?

    Also is it true you moved to 50k races? Any reason why?

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