1. Inspiring! All the best from a Dutch runner!

  2. I actually found them super cool! In fact, I think they were better than your previous ones. The new colors really got my attention AND they go perfect with the original Brooks Green Silence (the ones Drew Polley was wearing).

  3. Desi idola

  4. I would really like to try this workout, but I have a couple of questions about it. How far would you this workout from a marathon and how many times would you do this during a marathon training cycle?

  5. Sage :
    I have a question about the running form of one of these women.
    I’m not sure if it’s Melissa Johnson or Dot McMahan … it’s the blonde. When she runs, her feet are outside of her knees and almost outside her hips.
    Priscah Jeptoo from Kenya, who finished 2nd at the Olympics marathon, also runs the same way. Isn’t that form one that would lead to injuries? I’m impressed they can still run fast.

  6. I feel bad for desi cause she basically runs alone all the time.

  7. ha ha, thanks. that is nice to hear!

  8. 3:11/km…. the fastest km I’ve ever run was 3:10.. these guys are kings among men.

  9. thanks! it took a lot of dedicated training and years of running to be able to pull a workout like this off.

  10. The pace is ridiculous! Wow, inspiring.

  11. hey sage i was wondering when was the first time you broke the 17 min barrier for cross country 5k? that is my goal this season and i am going to be a senior this fall

  12. Gatorade or GuBrew. Some of the plastic fluid bottles are colored yellowish/green so it looks really bright but usually we water it down.

  13. what is that yellow stuff you guys are drinking after the run?

  14. the whole tebow thing gave you your second thumbs down. otherwise great video.

  15. Yeah she was. I was pulling for her to be first…

  16. thanks! you too.

  17. proper runners…godspeed to you all.

  18. hey thanks! best of luck with your running and training.

  19. first 5k…a minute faster than my PR. you guys rock.

  20. he quit

  21. suburbia 

  22. Davila was awesome at the trials.

  23. also known as kings of leon – when they where good!

  24. pure coincidence…that is ironic though!

  25. thanks!

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