1. thirtysomething,
    very cute; you remind´╗┐ me of my 8 yr old ­čÖé I finished my first marathon two Saturdays back. I will begin training for an ultra (50 miler) following my post marathon recovery training. Your presentation helped my to tweak my ultra training schedule. Thank you and thanks for the nice video.

  2. come run de ING´╗┐ Miami marathon

  3. I’m doing ING in January Miami. My first 1/ 2marathon… I’ve always done 10k … This´╗┐ helps

  4. thanks´╗┐ for the amazing tips, but I’m still not gonna run a marathon lol

  5. Before i read this site, Table Align center, and the navigation set margin:0px auto; then´╗┐ i might read it ­čÖé

  6. Good´╗┐ luck!!! ­čÖé

  7. I am running the San Antonio RnR Marathon in November..Thank you´╗┐ for the info!

  8. You are very´╗┐ pretty! I hope your marathon went well. Thank you for the information!

  9. Good´╗┐ luck!!! ­čÖé

  10. THANK YOU! I am training for the Twin Cities Marathon Oct 2012. so excited.´╗┐ great info!

  11. do´╗┐ you listen to music when you run? Also got any tips for me? I am very young. I normally play soccer for two hours four days a week. Since its sum me rI haven’t done much in around 2 months.´╗┐ I starter today to see where I was and I ran 2.5 KM. I got a schedule and everything. But anything else I should consider? I am taking a pre-training week and Ill star with my chart next week. Oh and I do Bikram yoga 3 times a week….

  12. Did you incorporate any cross training´╗┐ into your program?

  13. CONGRATS on your first marathon!! I ran one a couple years ago and it was such an´╗┐ incredible accomplishment! I’m so proud of you, thanks for sharing your experience. ­čÖé

  14. I love this video! I didn’t know you ran! Please do more running videos because as you said there are no good ones it seems. ´╗┐ I want to train for a half marathon so running tip videos would be awesome!!! Thanks!

  15. I used to run approximately 5k on a regular basis, but haven’t done so in a few years, but then I ran a 5km race for breast cancer in October and it was SO hard because I hadn’t run for so long. But I did it! lol not nearly as cool as your marathon, but I was still pleased with myself.
    I hope you enjoyed your marathon!´╗┐ If I were you, I would be bragging about it all the time! haha

  16. Thanks. ­čÖé Actually, I had zero injuries during training. Race day was a whole other thing though: it was cold, rainy and very windy. I was so cold before the race started that my muscles all ceased up before the race started. I plan to do a post-race video with more detail.´╗┐

  17. Good Luck´╗┐ tomorrow!!!! =)

  18. You look amazing!! And I love the workout gear! My husband is a huge fan of running, he´╗┐ has always wanted the gps garmin watch. They are still very expensive. I hope you did great in your run! Keep us updated ;]

  19. Great info! Did you deal with any injuries´╗┐ while training?

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