1. 5 times a week o.o and 15 to 20max miles??  I run 6times a week and 5miles a day so thats 30miles a week and I never considered running a marathon, just training for cross country. Anyone else think she had a weird running form with her arms?

  2. totally agree!

  3. That is definitely true, my mind really wants to, but my body is yelling at me. It sure feels good after the run though!



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  6. hahhahaha At 0:32, she was acting like she was actually lifting.

  7. i aint training for marathon mny napfa test that needs to run few kilometers is the reason why i’m here xD this should help

  8. if your nipples become uncomfortable during your run , have them removed. they’re fuckin useless anyway

  9. im sorry, but are you sure your booze inst laced with methamphatamine or somthing??


  10. i like to get all boozed up and run as fast as i fuckin’ can while trianing for a marathon. it’s a fuckin RUSH when my my tendons snap in my knees and then the cartilage tears. and OMG when the knee ligaments finally tear and the leg muscles are no longer attached to my knees its fuckin NIRVANA BABY !

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  12. 26.2 miles omg even if that was in km’s that is still fucking far

  13. would people stop being so damn insecure?

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    i mean come on! new low!

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    Haha im just kidding man xD

  15. Why? Why would you like to see that?  My mind is scarred just by hearing about it!

  16. ur such a lier i’d like to see ur dad try DONKEY DICK

  17. no noob stop b4 i bann u frum utub
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  20. i always win sir

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