1. I woke up one day and ran a marathon under 4 hours and now im after 3 marathons im 14 min away from sub 3 hours

  2. at :58 she said “glyconin” which is an emulsion of glycerin and the yolk of eggs, used as an ointment, as a vehicle for medicines, etc…..what she meant to say was “glycogen”.

    So much for Expert Village editing.


  3. I’ll try the oatmeal and honey but no 18 miles.

  4. da way the camera zoomin in on her and how somber she feels makes for a scary marathon video.


  6. From a medical point of view, this is completely wrong!

  7. why is she in a kitchen?

  8. i might be wrong but pretty sure fat starts to get used BEFORE you use ALL your glycogen.

  9. “your body will shut down” people dont want that in their minds when they hit the “wall” very informative though

  10. not a very motivational tone, but informative

  11. Good video. The longest I get to is 20 miles in training and I do about three of those. Slow your pace down and know that you can push through it with your will. Your legs will keep moving if you willing to dig deep and push.

  12. At least 5 training runs of 18 miles in the two months before the race and eating porridge (or oatabix or other 100% oat cereal) with honey two hours before the marathon has made my “wall” disappear.

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