1. Just ran my 1st Marathon – The San Francisco Marathon #SFM2012 -It was EPIC [And I Youtube video documented the entire 1 year of training runs] However, I could of used some of your advise. Congrats on your achievements!

  2. Did anyone else learn more from reading the comments then watching the video?

  3. This video is definitely basic, but I still think it is helpful for people like me that are just starting!

  4. wow. so profound.

  5. looks like a porno

  6. dont run anywhere when you injured pls 🙂 not even to bathroom:) slow slow slow

  7. is this what you call light jog? Cant stand expertvillage. Where do they find these people for videos? hope that your last video about running.

  8. Is this a joke? If I wanted to run a 4 hour marathon, I would listen to her advice.

  9. 20 miles on a treadmill in a full sweat suit???? Yeah, that’s going to happen.

  10. treadmill running SUUUUXXXXXX it doesnt get any more boring than that

  11. there was a McDonald advertisemnt before i watch this hahaha

  12. I could not imagine doing 18 miles on a treadmil, but I do recommend cycling or doing your favorite activity for 2-3 hours followed by a short run of 3-6 miles and not on a treadmil.

  13. training for a marathon on a treadmill !!!…get outside. Treadmills are boring

  14. Running 18 to 20 miles indoors on a treadmill, in a full sweat suit with no fans? good luck with that one.

  15. this chika is HOT.
    anyone knows her email?

  16. oh why thank you for this video. so if I want to run a marathon, a good exercise to do is called running on the treadmill. thank you expert village for another mind blasting video

  17. If you actually ran 18-20miles per day you should be running faster than 2h25min for a half, don’t you think?

  18. gosh i couldn’t have made it thru my day without this expert advice…

  19. it was a her?….i thought it was a young boy

  20. Her voice is so boring

    lol lol

  21. todays runner like addicts. they cant stoping having that endomorphine rush.

    Their the good junkies:)

  22. Please look at “iron man crawl”…it will be your favourite video of all time.

  23. i like to get all boozed up and run as fast as i fuckin’ can while trianing for a marathon. it’s a fuckin RUSH when my my tendons snap in my knees and then the cartilage tears. and OMG when the knee ligaments finally tear and the leg muscles are no longer attached to my knees its fuckin NIRVANA BABY !

  24. What has she got on her feet…. WOODEN CLOGS

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