1. Lol, people who complain about weather are jokes. But dayum, she bloody hot.

  2. so to train for a marathon you just get on a treadmill and run. that’s what
    i got from this video. great.

  3. This why I like to go marathon, I hope I have a running date like you

  4. all i was doing was looking at that bouncing ass

  5. if she just bent over in front of the treadmill while im on it i would run
    my hardest

  6. Well that’s because it never ever rains when there’s a Marathon! If on the
    very rare ocassion it does, then it’s probably better just to stay at home
    and wait until the next one.

  7. I’m a runner and i must say you have very bad running form. Plus you need
    to do more core workouts.

  8. no such thing as bad weather just the wrong type of running gear. You
    aren’t going to melt in the wind and rain.

  9. what a waste of time watching this

  10. real runners dont use tread mills rain or shine we hit the road or for me
    its the desert

  11. Yes, Yes, Yes, everything is about genitalia isn’t ? Think with your head,
    not your prick. Be a thinker, not a stinker.

  12. thumbs up if u came here for the chick 🙂

  13. Sounds like she has tennis balls for shoes

  14. @welshhibby She said it’s if the weather is bad out.

  15. @codetrooper now THAT was useful. Freakin hilarious post hahaha

  16. If you’re seriously training for a marathon, you’ll know all these videos
    by “expertvillage” are crap. I would never train on a tredmill because “the
    weather is bad”

  17. I like her little body but not her face.

  18. too bad this vid doesnt go for 5 or 10 mins i cud do with more time 2 wank
    lookin at her lol

  19. nice ass! would love to be behind that in the gym!!! hehehe….. all jokes
    aside it really helps when your on the treadmill for a long time jiggling
    bodies over the TV anyday

  20. she’s a lil thick to be running marathon’s isn’t she? I’m used to seeing
    bags of bones running in those events!

  21. If it’s a charity run you can always take a load of speed on the day- then
    you wont get tired and it’s morally ok coz it’s for charity!

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