1. i understand. i do triathlons so i can train other ways while i heal

  2. You should. But it’s really hard to do that. If you run enough to develop overuse injuries, then you are probably someone who loves running. If you love running, not running sucks.

    I speak from experience. I am currently injured, which happened because I came back too soon from a previous injury. With both injuries, I continued to run. Yes, it is a bad idea. Yes, it makes things worse. Yes, you should not run on injuries.

    But when you love running, it’s hard not to.

  3. This is a video of sheer genius, I wish this was a real show.

  4. I am a runner. I must run.

  5. this guy says he runs through injuries. shouldn’t you just stop for awhile and let the body heal?

  6. This video shows you the problem with running the “right” way. This thing goes for every other sport in which injury is possible: you need to train and be wary of everything to avoid injury and be healthy.

  7. LOL! Most runners seem to have these issues. I am very wary of my body and its needs before i attempt to train for longer distances. I learned different methods to help prevent these issues. Posture and method like qi running and barefoot running are very helpful. I also repair between each major event with a tens unit and water therapies. I have never had any of these injuries and i’ve been running for 2 years. Working slowly up to a marathon in canada. WOOT! Running is spiritual release!

  8. I am a marathon runner, i must run

  9. theres nothing worse than needing a shit ten miles from home…the eternal question, can i pinch it, or should i find a bush?? *grim*

  10. It got better. I did keep running. But now I’m injured again!

  11. What an idiot. Why are non-runners so stupid? 🙂

  12. * That guy is a fucking idiot. *

  13. That guy a fucking idiot.

  14. 1:57 4:37 


  16. it takes me more than an hour!

  17. buahahahahaha! I MUST RUN!

  18. hahaha

  19. loooool this is too funny. ” I am a marathon runner, I must Run” lol

  20. hahaha this is one heck of A CONVERSATION!!!

  21. That is HILARIOUS!

  22. 3x? Really, is that necessary? LOL

  23. Running with shin splints..just like me. 😀

  24. can relate to most of this especially go to the toilet 3 times before leaving……

  25. can relate to most of this especially go to the toilet 3 times before leaving……

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