1. (y) is good

  2. Did he do it?

  3. Wish me luck in this years London Marathon. I made 3hrs 12mins and 9 sec last year. This year I will try to beat that, but I get bored and usually turn over and watch something else.

  4. Nice, those woody clips!

  5. Hi – if you like what John’s doing please support his marathon challenge by texting FOOTBALL to 70777 to donate 10 quid.

  6. Very Nice Video John . Keep it up.
    See you around ;)

  7. This video itself shall raise a million pounds

  8. Go Jonny boy!!!

  9. lmao “engage kettle”

  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But hey JF, do you ever have a “man I’m not in the mood” day or do you practice EVERY single day including holidays and stuff? AMAZING!

  11. Incredible challenge you’ve set yourself John, I hope you raise a lot of money for the charity! Best of luck mate!

  12. yea nice, good luck for the marathon!

  13. You’re amazing. =D

  14. amazing controle man

  15. great job john! 🙂

  16. respect for your hard work, and amazing controle!

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