1. What is the name of this song when the movie begins ?

  2. excelente video… el secreto es ayudar y ver felices a los demas, regresan a su comunidad a ayudar a su gente, que CHINGON…

  3. too bad this was made before his new world record 1:40.8

  4. what is the name of this documentary and is it available on DVD in UK?

  5. @dr1gba after watching this all you can think about is money?

  6. Un gran ejemplo de vida para todas las personas del mundo.

  7. excelente!

  8. I believe the music is called “Main Titles”, I think it is from Theodros Tadesse. The music is known for it presence in the Haile Gebrselassie movie – “Endurance” (hence I think it is actually Ethiopian music). You can find the song on YouTube. You can also get the song on iTunes. Hope that helps.

  9. what’s the song at 7.34 min?

  10. hey thanks for the video we need all this kind of documentary to show how kenyan athletes are created. and l hope we could hear more comments from kenyans themselves appreciating what we have as a country. good work and keep the spirit up even though its translate to italiano…

  11. David rudishaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. where are the moneys

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