1. You’re lacking common sense, I assume. Have you never herd of typing fast and not giving a crap to spell check? If you get the point, then it’s good enough.

  2. You didn’t study English in uni I assume

  3. “it’s mental”, yes mate, you’re a nutter

  4. Search Ricardo Abad, 500 marathons in 500 consecutive days, while working in a factory 8 hrs/day. what a champ

  5. It’s not good to undertrain, but it’s also not good to overtrain too much. You need some rest too, or else you burn out and risk injuries.

  6. but healthy and ready to go would be alot better.

  7. I’ve been overtrained as well, but I’d rather be overtrained, than undertrained..

  8. I personally knwo what over trainig is like…my freshman year of college I was 2 mins of from being an all american in cross country. So the summer of last year I worked so hard and beleved more was better and Come cross season I was shot When or week one training camp came my times were slower then the seasnon before and I had no more omph! left in my legs.

  9. All the food he can eat without being fat

  10. It could be dangerous for his health if he ran faster.

  11. ok, I admire him some way, but look at the time, 4:24!
    I think he could also try to run it faster!

  12. This is crazy, but it shows nothing is impossible.. People keep whining about rest and just undertrain themselves, doing basically nothing but resting and overeating.. This fellow shows that your limits are what you think they are.. really good..

  13. Thats true fitness.

  14. truly amazing.

  15. Man that’s excellent… I like it how he a legit reason for doing it n Kind of stunned the reporter

  16. yep

  17. did he make it?

  18. I have a new idol…

  19. rebecca is hot

  20. u agree right?

  21. oh hohohoho you almost got me there

  22. Hey pay him respect he’s an absolute f*cking ledge!!!!!

  23. absolute idiot i mean 1 he runs like a grandma so slow 2 whats the point why a year just do it forever then 3 i think he s in short off attention 4 he needs a course of english cause he talks half dutch , jeez people are lifeless man

  24. this man inspires me, he uses the theory of mind over matter. Thats his moto. He didn’t get to this stage suddenly, he started gradually and progressed to this stage. he has put a lifetime effort in this, and it didn’t happen overnight. well done to stefaan.

  25. that man is a monster

    he shattered the world record, which was rediculous already

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