1. Thanks again.´╗┐ You can bet I subscribed.

  2. THAT’S AWESOME! ­čśÇ Glad it´╗┐ helped!

  3. Ever since I started MMA years ago, running has been a huge part of training since it does help with endurance. I´╗┐ used to be out at about an hour of training but after utilizing your tips a few years ago I could train for 1 and a half. After running and correct eating, I was able to last for 3 hours and be ready for more. Thanks to these tips, it has bettered my life and myself. Thank you.

  4. my problem is that my lungs give out before my´╗┐ body does i find it really heard to breath after a mile/mile and a half so i usually have to stop running and walk for a bit. i want to do a half marathon next spring but it will make it really hard if i cant run that long. just a bit more info for you iv been running seance the first of the year up untell the start of June i ran every day now i run every other

  5. i got a problem in long running when running about 30mins, my abdomen will feel pain, either right´╗┐ or left close to the rib

  6. Great video set! Thx for the tips!! ´╗┐

  7. I shall keep that in mind! Thanks :)´╗┐

  8. you need to´╗┐ keep your back straight and not look up as your doing those v ups its going to hurt your neck in the long run.

  9. Thanks´╗┐ alot!

  10. Is it true that if´╗┐ you stretch before you run your muscles tighten up? I have heard many different stories.

  11. ive allways been keen on sports and thinking of taking up running.i entered a ten km race a day ago and got a time of 49.55mins,i nearly collapsed at the end i was that drained.I was wearing holiday shorts,t shirt and some old gym trainers as i didnt know what it was going to be like.was just wondering if i had the right running attire what kind of difference´╗┐ would that have made to my time?One of my mates who runs fairly often beat me by ten seconds in the race.

  12. i heard that long distance may not burn as fast, but marathon runners are VERY slim, and thin,…soo im trying to get to that point, but im kinda big,..so should i do that? or stick to the interval stuff?´╗┐

  13. sighned up for´╗┐ my first year of track…doin 800 and the mile

  14. Im going for a 2km Run. Only in Gr 10. I am quite unfit.´╗┐ Using this tips for todays classs. Lets see if I can beat my record of 14:09!

    Thanks for the tips

  15. I gotta run 6miles every Friday any tips and it’s on the´╗┐ path ways an roads! Or for ovals to

  16. LOL´╗┐

  17. lol 2:44 ass balance… great video though bro´╗┐

  18. I’m not sure what GU is, but´╗┐ I’ve been known to run with a water bottle or plan my run on a path that has water along the way

  19. Thanks for the advice. Good stuff! I have a´╗┐ question. Do you ever use water packs when you run or carry stuff like GU? If, so do you find that they are helpful?

    Thanks man.

  20. yeah alot of people say dont stretch before a run. i warm up with a brisk walk. i also find ice baths work well after a long run . i have one if im over 10 miles.´╗┐ but always stretch after too even if its only a mile. great vids you should do more

  21. I’d say it would help,´╗┐ through all my long distance training I’ve remained a pretty strong sprinter

  22. is this good for 400m too?´╗┐

  23. I can barely run one mile and I have to run three at the end of´╗┐ the summer. Any tips?

  24. According to several sources I’ve come across,´╗┐ it’s best to avoid static stretches before running. Static stretching causes microtears in the muscle that can hinder performance. However, plyometric/dynamic stretching appears to be beneficial for some runners.

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