1. she`s in mid air

  2. This guy knows what he’s talking about. I do all these things and i could go with my paste forever lol….im good at marathons but cross country is hard…..fast speed in three miles kills my momentum

  3. why do you have a photo of a heel striker!

  4. Wanna know what running shoe to get? Problem solved with the new iPhone Application called ‘Wet Test’ on iTunes. If there’s a shoe for you we will find it.

  5. Yes she is. It is very fortunate that you noticed!

  6. wow, my technique is far from this ahaha.
    i land on my toes
    my hands are at rib level
    my arms are at a 45 degree angle
    i always clench my fist (got used to it in boxing)
    i lean forward a bit and tuck my chin in (another thing i got used to from boxing)
    i sometimes bounce

  7. Not bad video, lots of good basic info squeezed into a mere 1:16.

    For more detailed instructions, I recommend the “Newton Run Right” video on YT, just skip after 4:30 when it degenerates into a Newton Shoes commercial.

  8. very good tips. i’m a definite overstrider. this follows the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) that i find useful for so many parts of my life. thanks

  9. Justrunnersdotcom – What do you recommend for treating ITBS? Thanks!

  10. “Try to land midfoot” – the girl in the background image is clearly heel striking.

  11. Good tips, I wish there were visual examples though.

  12. You will need to get the appropriate shoes to prevent injuries. Also, it is not considered cheating if you are an overstrider.

  13. im overstrider what are the injuries i can face, most of the other runners complain about me running that way they say im cheating

  14. Hi,
    It is personal preference. I normally wear a New Balance brand. I would go to a running store and have them fit you in a running shoe. being fitted correctly is more important than the brand.

  15. What do you guys think of the Adi Bounce running shoes?
    Please, I would like you to give me your opinion on that. Should I buy them or not? One average person told me that they waste energy in the shocks, however their description says that they are used to SAVE your energy… Which one is true?
    I’m thinking of the PowerBounce or Rava MicroBounce.

    I also parkour (the main reason I’m looking for shocks) but I like to marathon as well. I’m looking for a shoe that meets both. Thanks and good day!

  16. im kinda hunch over when i run i dont thats was causes breathing problems but sometimes i forget to breath right and it messes me up

  17. It’s making sure you don’t tense your upper body, which wastes energy. Clenching your hands just leads to tensing up the arm and into your shoulders.

  18. I agree with everone except number 5. I think you can do almost anything with your hands

  19. great tips, I realized I’m a bouncer, which can explain why I become tired so fast.

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