1. He mentions doing the marathon pace runs as well as the long run. But neglected to mention how often you should do those. Can anybody please fill me in? I understand you’re going to do the long run every 7 days but how often do you do the marathon pace run?

    Thank you.

  2. Nrisagieri – Spoken like a true couch potato. You have no idea what you are talking about. If you look at the clinical research, endurance athletes have a lower incident of cardiac related health problems than the generally “fit” population.

  3. marathons can break your heart… look it up: cardiomyopathy is caused by endurance exercise!

  4. I may sound like a lame for this question to you but presently I’m not looking to do marathons at the moment however I am a Sgt in the National Guard and I am looking to improve my 2mile run time as well as get a good passing run time for my 1.5 mile runtime in Law Enforcement. How do the long runs apply to my present running issues…(i.e. how long, distance, etc…) (i’ve never been that good of a runner, i always struggle and get tired but now i am working to push myself to do better)

  5. Only 30 says until my 2nd Marathon! Eeek! Sub 3:30 and I would be ecstatic!

  6. Cross country can be rougher than normal running, I ran a marathon couple months ago with basically 20-30 miles a week did good when it came race day. Do whatever you feel comfortable with you should peak at the right time so don’t constantly over do it buddy

  7. im doing cross country for high school and we do 50miles+ a week is that a good thing i personally think we are being over ran. what’s your opinion?

  8. I see all these running schedules which require a complete lifestyle change, running 50miles weekly. Hearing that a weekly 15 – 20 mile and some 5’s in between relaxes me a bit more!

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  10. what about hills and speed workouts?

  11. My average weekly mileage is around 1.7 miles a week and ran a 3:54 hour marathon time. I get my fitness from ski mountaineering.

  12. 15 to 17 km

  13. how long is a long run for a half marathon training?

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