1. 2:52 sexy?

  2. Swim 750m three times a week! It did wonders for me.  Helps you stretch out your legs and is a great way to vary your workout!

  3. She looks like she has a cold. lol.. great vid tho

  4. Include some intense spinning twice a week

  5. My first Marathon will be a shooting time to qualify for the Olympic Trials Marathon which is 2:19. I already know how much I have to be running (100-130 miles/week). Thanks for the info.

  6. I watched this 2 years ago…and still haven’t left my computer

  7. I’d date her I like her voice and her smile

  8. Uh *cough*

  9. i ran a marathon. i ran in the ac marathon.

  10. have no plans dont do it safely just run there you go my advice

  11. thank you for stating the obvious!

  12. horrible advice

  13. I Ran The Race And Am Firsty
    1th ty

  14. Hi from Christopher. I going try for a half Marathon. First time

  15. She’s right, it is the best feeling in the world.

  16. i just thought that was interesting. i dont think 45 miles in a week makes me a bad ass or not but when i looked all the way back in my running log, my first log was when i was 14. that week in xc we ran 45 miles. add me at the log. danreilly2

  17. watch out guys!we are messing with a badass over here!!!!

  18. P.E. doesn’t count I guess 😛

  19. Some people don’t run, like me, and have never really ran except for in PE where I was forced to.

  20. she didnt mention sunday runs

  21. “Um.”

  22. No, I’ve never ran before. Not for fitness, anyway.

  23. “First time running” LOL Some people haven’t ran before?!?

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