1. thanks for the reply mate, even though i asked this question 2 years ago and since then i have become a battled hardened club runner i still did not know the answer until now, cheers – keep running!!!

  2. Tendons do not heal as fast because they have limited blood circulation when compared to muscle fibers. Tendons do get stronger, but you have to baby them much more than muscles. Rock-climbers for instance develop tendon strength in their hands and arms over years and years but their muscles develop in months…even though they are strong enough to do certain climbs, their tendons are not.

  3. Greatr stuff,Steve…Thanks

  4. awesome. thanks brother

  5. I’m also interested in joining the BeacH Runners..could I pls get some info about it? will very much appreciate it..Thank you in advance….

  6. Discomfort due to muscle fatigue and working your heart/lungs is one thing. Pain from inflamed tendons and grinding joints is quite another. A better question is: why run through pain if you don’t have to?

  7. Why do tendon injuries take so long to heal? When tendons heal, do they heal up stronger – so the injury does not return?.

  8. Great advice.

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