1. Thx I’m in cross country and needed some tips already coming in 12 place and I’m in 6th grade. Thx

  2. thank u so much dude im not even doing a marathon though lol i was just gonna do a cross country run and thanks i think it might help me alot thumbs up for u man

  3. I agree with you. too much simple carbs before bed and I wake up feeling hung over from the sugar crash. Some whole grain pasta works well. Also insted of loading the night before I start to up my carbs the week before the run. NOT A TON. Also I run very light the week before so my glycogen is already stored up.

    last note: don’t drink TOO much water before the race. I did that and not only did I wash all my vitamins out of my body. I had to stop and piss like 6 times. NOT COOL.

  4. This guy is not a marathon runner! For all the people that buy into carbo loading the night before, think about how much glycogen your liver can store- not much! Just eat a small balanced meal the night before and snack during the run and you won’t bonk.

  5. thanx im off to a good start

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