1. I don’t believe I am lifting heavy I use 15k dumbells traps delts chest bicep tricep and about 5 sets 20 to 30 reps for each muscle group I want to keep the shape of the muscles I have mentioned But would like to reduce the size The P.I at the gym says it’s just what I was born with but I don’t believe that because years ago I had to use steroids to get big because people told me it just wasn’t in my genes to be big Now I just want to look ripped and small I am confused

  2. don’t lift heavy

  3. Hi could you help me please I run 5k every day and use weights every day for at least 1 hour I have found mysef bulking up. I do not want big muscles I want total cut up I only eat chicken veg and fruit and pasta sometimes egg white in milk. What am i doing wrong please

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