1. I’m sorry but I’ve used everything and the best thing that works is degree deodorant the white stick

  2. Check out ThighGlide.us. It’s a body wrap, kinda like a bandaide that protects your skin from chafing and irritation. It works great. Let me know if you like it and I will email you a 20% off coupon for the site. Thanks…. Shannon

  3. probably the most informative video of EV I have ever watched

  4. I use an amazing product called 2 toms Sport Shield. IT REALLY WORKS. Man I used to suffer real bad you know that walk you get cause it hurts so much yuck. I have not had it for ages and I know it is cause of this stuff

  5. Wearing really dorky white glasses keeps me from chaffing.

  6. nice glasses

  7. I normally put a petroleum jelly on my crotch

  8. theres a lot of uses for petroleum jelly….

  9. vaseline within in the side of your legs

  10. ive always loved rubbing vaseline on my body im glad it is also good for something

  11. BODYGLIDE BODYGLIDE BODYGLIDE. Nothing works as good.

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