1. what would this fat idiot know about running a marathon or type of shoes to wear when running? Get off the couch fatso!

  2. when I was running in a “modern” running shoes I felt like a bouncing tank. Plus I had a knee pain, back pain ect.. I have chosen to run in beach sandal with no heel pad or shock absorber. Its just protect my sole from step into a chewing gum. It took about 5-6 weeks to get used to it. But now…. When Im doing my running sessions and somtetime I forget about the time I Just say : Sh*t! I forgot to stop running… again…

  3. Looks like he’s just been watching a 3D movie! lol!

  4. Light doesn’t always mean good. My Avia is really light but it lacks stability big time.

  5. i just got a pair of underarmour shoes for p.e. they are hella light

  6. I got a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 10 and they are sooooo comfortable.

  7. Well, I wouldn’t be so rude about you being an overweight person (not that you’re not). Anyway, nice info about defining what kind of feet we have and how to choose a good running shoe based on the knowledge of the shape of our feet.
    By the way, your glasses are weird…

  8. well, of all the running shoe expert village videos, i guess this is the best.

  9. lol these comments are funny

  10. Shouldn’t a running expert be telling us about sports footwear? Instead of this overweight, donut fucking, retard, in retro space age fag glasses

  11. spending that much time on buying running sheos is pretty much like saying u have no life and u like dick in the butt!

  12. Fag Glasses for sure.

  13. Wow, colors is really helping me running u stupid fuck

    exactily what i was thinking

  14. rofl your just talking about your defect shut up you noob

  15. Wow, colors is really helping me running u stupid fuck

  16. i never wear running shoes, i wear skate shoes to run miles in

  17. Keep in mind, whatever may feel good in the store or even on your foot may not be all that supportive where you need it. I have a pair of shoes that feels great on and when running, however the soles are hard and my shin splints flare up worse when i wear them.

    Go to a running shoe store, get a consult and then tell them you’ll be back to decide. Just because you go there doesn’t mean you have to buy what they suggest. Go home and see if you can find them somewhere else for cheaper.

  18. Wear whatever feels best for you. I currently wear Sauconys Grid Sinister shoes. I’ve owned 8 different types of Saucony shoes and never had a pair that didn’t feel amazing. I race marathons, half marathons, 16k’s, and 10k’s.

    Don’t go to a running store to get your shoes… they’ll rip you off! My local store had my shoes for $139.99 plus tax. I got them for $85 including shipping brand new off eBay.

  19. thanks dood. crazy glasses

  20. nice very helpfull for PE in School ! for cross country :/

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