1. Did he just say 1 pervert :/

  2. No problem, my friend. I’m an accomplished cyclist (century and half century races) and runner (marathon and half marathon), so I know everything about Failed Finishline Fotos. But here I am at age 45, learning to swim so I can race my first triathlon, so you can bet your socks that if I survive the swim leg, I’ll be smilling all the way.

  3. whoops i just noticed my error…your point is totally valid…
    I had had a thought because at the end of the video he says to remmeber to smile when crossing the finish line… kinda lame point.. granted… Originally i had thout u were mentioning my first post so sorry if my initial responce seems odd… i was confuse…..

  4. my post simple responce is that this video is made by expertvillage for people who know very little about triathlons.
    I thot maybe somsone who watches this clip might know very little and might benefit from some simplistic words of encouragement.  Just as I did. Despite what you might think, youtube is for more than just criticism.. sometimes, (and i know this is a difficult concept) its nice to be nice…

  5. And what’s your point?

  6. IDIOT!
    I have been doing triathlons for a while now and nothing you discussed in this video is actually any help concerning a triathlon because it’s the same basics for all races. Even Eating contests has package pickup and getting numbered.
    Load a video if you have something to help like ‘expertvillage’ or ‘undergroundwellness’.

  7. – aftre my tri i looked at some pics from a sports photographer…. wow..epic fail in the smile department…. it was more of a very relieved and happy scowl…

    Smiling is the last thing on your mind when you see that finish line hahahah..


  8. I used this statement while doing my training runs (5km after a 12hr shift construction)

    ‘Anthing thats worth doing isisnt going to be easy…..


  9. Everyone, I did my first sprint last summer 2010, (Ran Multisport Canada’s - Gravenhurst Ontario Canada – sprint distance)

    YOU CAN DO IT… just remmeber that untill u become a pro, and are really into it its not a rcae against others,. but a race against yourself. Try your best to do your personal best. I came in last for my age group but i shaved 11min off my 750m swim (race day adrenaline) as a result id call it a huge success.

  10. Is there a possibility to blank the silly text?? I want to watch a video not to read!!

  11. “Smile, because you just finished your first triathlon!”

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