1. I don’t listen to music when I’m running, but if I were, it would be the fucking stooges.

  2. Aside from a treadmill or a secluded route (your own land), running with headphones is dangerous. Every year, at least a couple of runners get hit by vehicles (or run into), one by an airplane making an emergency landing, a couple by trains, etc. They cause accidents to others. It is egocentric. As one experienced runner put it: if you need headphones, you are missing the point – do something else. Keflezighi should know better than to endorse such a practice.

  3. Just ran my 1st Marathon – The San Francisco Marathon #SFM2012 -It was EPIC [And I Youtube video documented the entire 1 year of training runs] However, I could of used some of your advise. Congrats on your achievements!

  4. Thats you’re personal opinion, I prefer to listen to music whilst I’m training, but hey its my choice!

  5. I totally disagree with the whole music is better for running.I agree when lifting weights or something like that its good to have music but not when training for long distance runs.The music can ruin a pace and why train with music when in races you cant listen to it.

  6. She is sooo boring i cant imagine shaggin her without my ipod on.

  7. I can’t even walk to school witouth music in my ears

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