1. How they can running and singing?!

  2. The boys are sooo athletic…. They can bloody sing and run like nothing… Id be dying!!!

  3. They are such an inspiration :’) I think I’m going to run at least 3 km in honour of Jedward

    Got nothing to do anyway tomorrow.

  4. Guys Dublin is not part of the UK… It’s just Northern Ireland but you know what to hell with it cause Jedward are awesome! Proud moment for fans right here 🙂

  5. that was the proudest moment ever for me as your fan <3

  6. i love how they have to mention that they met barack obama lmao

  7. Only Northern Ireland is included in the UK.

  8. i dont think so because that wouldnt make any sense

  9. @heyimAWESOME12 that doesn’t make sense. The uk is by no means in ireland


  11. I’m sure Jedward said UK /Ireland, because here in the U,S, they r not known. And someone said Lucan???????????????????????If anyone in main stream U.S. will know where that is. Incredible that their are able to run a marathon on the spur of the moment. I did some research the lady interviewing them was the World Record holder for ladies marathon.

  12. UK?!! xx :O Its just Ireland boys.

  13. Moving on … Ooh they’re soooooo fit mmmm

  14. How would u tink they r British they walked on stage said we r from Lucan ( which is in Dublin which is in Ireland ! ) and if they went on the all Ireland talent show they wouldn’t be half as famous ! So WTh!

  15. It doesn’t matter where people might know them from…. They are from Ireland. Christ let it go, you were wrong as were those morons.

  16. omj u guys are jedmazing xxxx

  17. It’s sounds like Tara Reid in the end of the video.<33333

  18. lOVE THE SHORTS…….

  19. OMJ! SO JEPIC!

  20. I think i know i am from Ireland jeze, i dont need a history lesson thanks! Yes and your point been ? Jedward made there name in UK and they have been on UK shows! PEOPLE WHO DIDNT KNOW RIGHT WOULD HAVE THOUGH THEY WERE FROM THE UK,

  21. their sooooooooo fit and cute

  22. Was that ShayCarl in the background with the yellow shirt? :3

  23. I am marathon runner dip shit ;-)

  24. i just feel very sorry for there mom….

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