1. Shay, finish the book!! It’s so different than the movie and it’s SO much better!!


  3. i think i saw him!!

  4. i live there 🙂

  5. Loooove you guys soooooo incredibly much!!! 🙂 You’re both such awesome, inspiring, loving people <3

  6. George Straight is the way to go…

  7. i saw shay!!!!!

  8. And thus…. A baby was made that night

  9. Franklin was where Paramore began.

  10. Shay could never go to Washington DC. The security there are complete assholes. As an 8th grade I went for a school trip and got yelled at for calling my friend over to look behind Lincolns head to see a face that is supposedly behind it. There is also a video online about a couple kissing there and the security end up arresting them for kissing and a couple other guys who started dancing after the arrest. People out there do not like to have fun at all. I will most likely never go back.

  11. its fake haha she said she got it for 40 dollars

  12. I saw shay

  13. Hey deefizzy’s girlfriend Taylor swift lol
    I wonder if Damon knows about that MySpace and Taylor swift thingy lol

  14. Argh! I hate when Colette cries, because every time she does so do I. *tear* lol

  15. i love country i hate tht rap and rock and hip hop crap

  16. move to nashville ill be closer to yall

  17. they are so cute:)

  18. I found him

  19. when he was singing polly wanna cracker i thought e was sing ing the nirvana song lol

  20. found him:)

  21. She reminds me of sandra Bullock!

  22. omg, he looks like a totally different person now !!! but omg he looks reeeeally good :O makes me want to run a marathon !

  23. Oh im sorry,xD I didnt mean it. sorry i was being childish ._. sorry c: and i dont remeber posting this xDD So yea sorry yall of yall.

  24. well….. i want talking to u i just said found him :/

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