Porfilio guides McGill ladies to 4th

Longueuil’s Jessica Porfilio finished 2nd overall, guiding McGill to Quebec women’s cross country running competition in rainy, windy and cold conditions at the Le Club de Golf de Sherbrooke on Saturday.

It was the 4th straight conference award for Martlets, who dropped provincial crown in the year 2009 after winning it for twenty consecutive times from the year 1988 to 2007.
Porfilio, a 3rd year nursing major student, finished the 6 kilometre run in twenty three minutes and 1.2 seconds. She behind Sarah Bergeron Larouche of UQTR who ended 1st of 78 runners in the 22:31. McGill’s Jullien Flynn, who is a biology junior student from Sault Ste. Marie also got to the podium, claiming the bronze medal in 23:17.

Dennis Barrett, the McGill mentor said that their women came up big today with a pretty convincing win. They had not lost a meet to their conference opponents this year but have fought all year along with a huge Sherbrooke team and nothing is ever a foregone conclusion.

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Dennis told that the key for them this year is that both their conference championship as well as the CIS Nationals has been drawn out from a 5k distance to a 6k race. Their women  are not necessarily that speedy over 5k but they feel that they are stronger and could keep a good pace over a longer distance and it was clear in the 2 6k runs which they ran this year.