1. Too Quiet. 

  2. awesome awesome awesome video! im glad i ran across it up here. i think those 3 tips are definitely going to help me to reach my goal of running a half marathon. i have a LOOOOONNNNGGG way to go lol but im not going to give up. ive done two 5ks my next goal is adding 3 more. One day at a time one step at a time. after listening to you i feel like im doing pretty good and if i keep it up ill be running a half marathon by this time next year or sooner =)

  3. Awesome, thank you!

  4. love it thanks your helping me. Im starting my first half this yr.

  5. Good video. I’m running my first half marathon tomorrow and I’ve been battling my anxiety for days. Hard not to visualize myself coming in dead last, or not at all. lol. 

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