1. Just ran my 1st Marathon – The San Francisco Marathon #SFM2012 -It was EPIC [And I Youtube video documented the entire 1 year of training runs] However, I could of used some of your advise. Congrats on your achievements!

  2. Can’t you see your hands? Are they invisible or what?

  3. i came here because of QWOP

  4. Thank you for the tips – training for my 1st San Francisco Marathon – So, I can use all the advise out there …..thank you again!

  5. Marathon dates back to the ancient Greece when a Greek man runs for miles only to inform the Greeks that the Persian invasion were repulsed in a battle known as the Battle of Marathon. unfortunately,i don’t know the exact date it happened but i can recommend marathon athletes viewing this video complete marathon and half marathon training guides. plz contact me through ksatriakmal@yahoo.com if u r interested in marathon training.tq

  6. thanks.. really great video 🙂

  7. you forgot W2TI; welcome to the internets

  8. i got a big head so i rock side to side… fml

  9. this helps me. I have been running with a straight back and no forward lean at all. Also my arms were too low and off to the side like a grandma speed walker. Try this guys it works well.

  10. thank you

  11. LOL= Laugh out Loud
    ROFL= Rolling on floor laughing
    WTF= What the F
    FTW= For the win OR F the world

  12. some people use in their comments the word lol, who can tell me what it means?

  13. it’s not how to run, it’s techniques

  14. lol….video learining how to run!

  15. it wasn´t a personal attack. it was a serious question. If something doesn´t make sense, i like to ask about it. There is nothing out of line about that.

  16. Why the hell would you cap on someone that is trying to help people better themself regardless of what his methods are. I for one appriciate everything he’s put out so far. Even as an experienced runner I’m curious to try it with gloves just to keep track of my arm movement even when I’m not trying to pay attention to it. If it sounds dumb to you then don’t do it but show some appreciation for some of the other things you may have learned since manners obviously wasn’t one of them.

  17. kia ora from New Zealand
    thanks for the tips everything counts and i appreciate the basic yet important advice.

  18. That’s the funniest comment I’ve ever heard. EXACTLY!!! lol

  19. why the HELL would you need to wear gloves to see your own damn hands? That makes NO SENSE. I can see my hands coming up in front of my face whether i’m wearing gloves or not! Come on!

  20. Thanks . Really good advice and video.

  21. I never had more fun listening about running. Rod is a good and interesting teacher. Thank you for the tip!

  22. good advises

  23. The piston tip is what they tell us in cycling too. I really liked the glove tip too.

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