1. Some of them were wid

  2. como se llaman las canciones???

  3. shmexy nice video

  4. that last celebration… haha

  5. hate the music

  6. lol!!!!

  7. gg

  8. NFL celebrations are better

  9. what about goanna by greg inglis

  10. Pretty good dancing XD

  11. demuestran todo lo que hago yo en camaroden

  12. USA's Todd Clever's SUPERMAN CAPTAIN AMERICA @ 4:00's try and the black guy after him doing the somersaults @ 4:17 are my favorite tries. Man,what the hell was Clever thinking? i don't know but he is a crazy horse of a player! and the song is synced perfectly. The scream when Todd jumps "waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

  13. Cmon guys, this isnt fucking NFL or football, this is rugby. have a little more respect for yourself and your opponent before doing one of these…"celebrations"

  14. me parece lamentable que digamos que estas son las mejores celebraciones cuando el rugby representa exactamente lo contrario a lo que este video muestra que es humildad y repeto hacia el contrario

  15. the last one as the best bahahahhahaha

  16. 4:11    the best part ! 

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