1. great video i did my first mararthon this year, was a great time in my life. This video really helped, that beautiful girls voice way of thinking gave me an insight to the fact that tough training does not have to kill you, you can just relax into it. Great job beautiful work.

  2. Love TNT, alumni here!!

  3. I found her voice relaxing, nowhere near annoying… why so many haters wtf? Her message was great, you have to be mentally prepared to run a marathon. To be honest the most important part of marathon training is the mental aspect, her message was great. All you haters need to grow the f’ up and then maybe someday you can run in her shoes, until then keep wasting your lifes away trolling the web you overweight fags.

  4. Sweet Stride…

  5. only women think of marathons like this. i just run the dam thing and have fun.

  6. Great video!! 🙂

  7. Ahahaha! That comment made my day.

  8. Hey, whats up ilovenykel. Not sure if you’re interested, but I was really out of shape until my junior year of high school, when I started this: running.about.com/c/ec/10.htm

    I’m not trying to advertise or anything, but it was a great transition into running, especially since I couldn’t even go a mile at that point. I did cross country for my school the next year and ran a marathon the year after. It’s all about how you do it. You truly push the limits of what you think you can do!

  9. actually you have very good running form – you land nice and centrally – love your video – very motivational – and I’ve done the “I love hills” talk as well and it really does work!!

  10. same

  11. HUH? It’s not like that at all. You’re not even making any sense. All people can see is your horrible running form.

  12. wtf is she talking about?

  13. Running one lap around the football field feels like i ran around the sun, and after running two laps im crawling trying to breath, 3 laps and i passed out, 4 laps and im calling 911 to rescues me from hell. I swear running takes every bit of life out of me. Just seeing other people run makes me tired. I cant even explain how much i hate running. Why must i be cursed with being out of shape, just why?

  14. why she talk like that? annoying

  15. boring

  16. This was an extremely enjoyable and moving characterization of the inner life of a very positive, life-affirming runner. Thank you so much for your kind and hopeful revelations on the inner dynamics to success and well-being. The hills love you, too!

  17. Good job, way to complete your first 2006 marathon, any others? If so go gettem! 🙂

  18. I’m gonna do my first marathon this year. :)

  19. Great video, whats with all the dick heads leaving shit comments! They have obviously never ran a marathon – morons!

  20. what the fuck is this? that’s bouncy walking, not running

  21. ok i’m here because you’re attractive, but…. are you like, high?? because, your whole video… you sound, like you’re really high…. and it’s horribly annoying. Your time is 5hr 35 minutes, wtf at 5:40 why don’t you just say it because we can see it at 5:05 . That’s a 12:46 mile, for 26 miles, that’s a good time you should be proud

  22. That’s a horrible description of running, that whole speech was crap

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