1. Hi Harley,

    Thank you so much for all your great videos!

    Please could you make a video on lymph and its relationship with exercise?

    Tre583, (2-day 100%RV;)

  2. Ive been down that road so I understand u completely. All Im doing is offering u a lifeline in case u feel like ur going downhill. I dont do SAD diet and also not paleo so.. for now I wish u much luck and much happiness.

  3. Six months. I went HCRV a month ago. I can understand that veganism can be a blind struggle. Unless you eat a low fat, high carb diet, vegan is almost the same as a paleo diet. Vegan is a good place to start for health, but there are only some guru’s with helpful objective information out there to help newbies, which is why there is so much failure. If I didn’t find this channel i’d still be a very depressed, binging out vegan. I’ve had to unlearn health concepts that i thought were common sense

  4. Thanks for your last reply. And I agree about having good arguments. I was sharing my own experiences just to help out, because I felt miserable and others vegans I know had gone downhill too. Again, I couldnt wish for more than everyone being happy no matter what diet theyre on so if this is the case for you its all good.
    I also think that fat people have a b12 deficiency well, because theyre colon is full with fat and it cant be absorbed. How long have u been vegan if I may ask?

  5. Thanks for the well wishes, I truly hope you find good health too, I like to have good arguments with people to reflect on issues, I don’t mean to insult. You stereotype DR as a deficient vegan. Check out his bloodtests it might surprise you. Another fun fact aswell, 39% of the US population has a b12 deficiency, there is no health issue that only vegans have. Yours respectfully, David Twyman

  6. It doesnt “crack u up” and u do not find it “hilarious”, ur getting irritated and use emotion to win an arguement that isnt there. U go ahead and be a vegan, really if it helps u I hope u are really healthy and happy. If u are healthy and happy than you stay calm and respectful towards others and their opinions. I wish u much fortune in your life.

  7. Hey Harley. Is there any specific training plan you follow for 5k. Right now I’m training for a 1/2 marathon, running around 60k/week, speed work, tempo, easy and long runs. I quit 2 years ago because of BAD shin splints ( I blame it on the chocolate milk post workout, I went 80-10-10 3 months ago). I’m feeling my legs again and I’m thinking of doing 5k’s for a while. Whaddya think?

  8. lol. Durianrider doesn’t train specific to marathons and your telling him his diet is his limiting factor? that cracks me up. On a side note, you say that a side effect of being vegan is “lack of sex drive”. That is hilarious man, that’s so funny I just got a boner. I’m a vegan, so is that even possible? seriously, a lack of sex drive from being vegan? totally unheard of in a vegan with a balanced diet. Anyway, Durianriders’ diet is definitely a complimenting factor to his athletic performance.

  9. In order to perform well at any sport u got to have some muscle on your body. This dude has very little muscle. With his diet this isnt really strange. Look at all vegans: pale, skinny, aggressive, lack of sex drive, need B12 injections etc. etc. These are all signs of a deficiency. Ive experienced it all myself. Thankgod I was smart enough to listen to the people around me and take up animal food again. Result: pink skin, muscular, high sex drive and good bloodwork.

  10. You should just eat meat, youll run heaps better, maybe try this Intermittant Fasting as well, ive heard it rocks.

  11. That calculator is so off.

  12. I ran a 3:09 yesterday. I know what you mean about leg soreness but no stress whatsoever in the cardio department.

  13. Might as well run and live life to the fullest. Who needs good knees when you’re 60?

  14. in what way?

  15. i don’t get all the hateraide people are pushing out. keep on trucking brotha!

  16. You are a 2:35 marathoner when you run 200km a week for 6 months

  17. wow, 400 pounds?!
    sounds like both of you will be able to compare your knee replacements in 10 years 😛

  18. Thats what my 400lb neighbour says each time he is sitting outside have a smoke and his bacon n eggs and I run past.

    “your knees will be shot in 10 years banana boy! cough cough sputter sputter.”

  19. your knees are going to be garbage in 10 years

  20. I always wonder why some people on youtube promote & sell rebounders as the answer to move the lymph. Just get outside & jog at an easy pace. Doesn’t cost anything.

  21. Lmao.. ur limiting factor is ur diet.

  22. 30 banana eating motherfucker

  23. While it’s true that you start doing damage to your muscle tissue after 25km, marathons aren’t “fucking bad for you”. The only reason you say that is because you can’t run more than 10km.

  24. well 22km a week is not NEARLY enough for a good marathon time. 4-5 times that distance (for a sub 3h time) will do.

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