1. so did you do it?! 

  2. im on my cross country team, and do tae kwon do.

  3. Rawn annoys the hell out of me but I’m subbed to hiimrawn. I need to think my choices over…

  4. Hey whats up shay. went to the gym and ran 3 miles in 25 minuets without stopping and thats the first time i did that and im really happy i did it. thanks for the workout videos, keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Shay and fellow Shay-Losers. I’m an obese 18 year old girl who’s starting her weight loss journey on YouTube. Shay, I’ve run 1 mile every night for the past 3 nights all because you inspired me. If you take a minute to check out my channel and show some love, I’ll be forever grateful! Much love.

  6. Good lucky buddy 🙂 you can do it! 🙂

  7. Why was everybody so worried about rain? It’s just water.

  8. Shay the beer Has carbs thats why they gave it out and i also ran the LA Marathon and im 15 i am training for the Long Beach Marathon. so yea i was exited for LA Marathon and now im more exited for the Long Beach Marathon. woho

  9. i thought that nobody needed to go to the bathroom during a marathon! it’s a surprise!
    and i never thought either about the problem of the nipples for men! cause girls wear bras and dont have this problem! btw it’s so strange!! is it possible on 24h to have to urge to go to the bathroom right during a race? i mean, cant you organize it and do it before, or “hold” it for after.. i really have no idea i guess… how do professionals do then? i never thought they did it during the race!

  10. You can’t win a Marathon without putting band aids on your nipples

  11. this is the most serious i have ever seen courtney! lol

  12. Started to train for my half marathon not quite ready for a full one yet. Thank you for being so inspiring and motivating me to get fit and make myself not only look but feel better! You have made such a huge impact on peoples life like my own and you should know how powerful you have been. Again thank you Shay 🙂

  13. yeah me too :DD

  14. Why would you NOT want it to rain? I feel like I can only run if it’s cool, rainy and there’s no sun.

  15. shay is looking good!

  16. If the barefoot thing doesn’t work out you can try running sandals.

  17. Courtney Girls don’t poop!

  18. Baha!…Mile 18….go watch her video called “my marathon experience”. I can’t even explain it.

  19. why what did she do? 🙂

  20. shaycarl!!

  21. You can get like shoes that are like toe socks and it’s like running bare feet it just helps so you don’t have to worry about cutting your feet 🙂

  22. yea we’re supposed to be barefoot but we’re not supposed to have finished roads

  23. haha i love how courtney is okay with talking about her boobs with these two guys..

  24. Btw runners use Vaseline to rub on their nipples to keep their tshirts from rubbing them raw. Some runners nipples can literally be rubbed bleeding raw in marathons, so putting vaseline on their nipples keeps them from having that happen. Disgusting? Maybe…but it saves them pain of having that happen.

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