1. i just got done with my first cross country meet, and kicked ASS!

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  3. I did not like these videos when they came out so I didn’t even watch it, but now I’m doing a marathon next year and this really helped me. I am so happy that you did this vid 🙂

  4. Im going to run 12k in Feb right now im 4 months post partum from having my daughter and i cant even run for 5 minutes straight, but i want to do this! 🙂

  5. Stands for 5 kilometers.

  6. kilometer.

  7. Lol you don’t really know? It means kilometer 🙂

  8. 5k? 5,000? What does k stand for?

  9. Your Welcome ;D

  10. im glad you are so happy for me :3 THANKS

  11. me to and Awesome !!!

  12. I love running :D and i did it a few months ago. i won 2nd for the girls side 😀

  13. me to 😀

  14. Since Shay lost all of his weight has he grown by a bit?

  15. rhawn is awesome!
    and yes, now i’m just gorssed out about the marathon. when it happened and there was all the ferment i was super attracted though!

  16. click images

  17. Coffee makes you shit.

  18. when was courtney ever fat?! anyone have any proof of this? lol. How much weight did she lose?

  19. You should buy those shoes that are shapped like feet so you’ll be kinda running bare foot but it will be coushined when you land.

  20. Courtneys legs, ewww.

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