1. his voice is so high pitched 

  2. Great man! I hope he does well this Sunday.

  3. He hears gods voice speak to him? Schizo :0 great runner though

  4. That would be one hell of a relay team: Ryan Hall, Lance Armstrong, & Michael Phelps

  5. Actually He would be..After time I thought about it and it would be nice to see american born dream team.

  6. Except that Ryan Hall wouldn’t be part of that team though

  7. I heard him thanking an imageinary entity, I left this video.

  8. That would be sick to see that dream team triathlon relay!

  9. 3 mile bike time trial in 20 minutes for Ryan and Lance did it in 13 minutes? It must have been hilly since those times sound slow.

  10. there isnt? you should race Ryan Hall, if you beat him in a local marathon, you are right about there being no God.

  11. Worst. Comment section. Ever.

  12. 4:18 wanna watch that if it ever happens

  13. “burst your bubble”

  14. I don’t want to break your bubble but there’s no such thing as a God, period.

  15. Angry? Really? Wow. At least I’m not passive aggressive. Why are you people always assuming that someone who challenges your extraordinary claims is angry? More like puzzled. Where did you get all that info? God is a male? Life is a gift from a male supernatural being? Can you stop and think about all that for a minute? Not angry. Here. A smiley face 🙂

  16. God not only is but he also exists? You almost convinced me there.

  17. we all have our own opinions on life dont we…

  18. You seem quite angry.

    I would share with you the incredible feeling of having your heart filled with God’s love if I could. The only way we can get it though is to seek it ourselves.

    Life is in our own hands when we are born. It is given as a gift from God. We all want joy in life. The answer is to give the gift of life back to him. He grants us _real_ life in return, and having real life we realize that serving an unconditionally loving God is awesome!

    I hope you find joy. God bless!

  19. Interesting choice of phrase: “servants”. How about “slaves”? By the way I hope you are aware that “God” (who never existed in my humble opinion) endorsed slavery in both Testaments on numerous occasions. This could explain your enchantment with the concept of servitude. No thank you. I don’t serve. I was a catholic for over 20 years and getting up from my knees was the best SERVICE I ever did to myself and the world around me. Life is in YOUR own hands. FYI: I do enjoy life.

  20. Fuck your God

  21. We are given the choice to choose whose servants we will be. We can be God’s servants; we can also be servants of ourselves. We always serve something—even if it’s just an idea. Out of all the options of things/people/place whom we can serve, God is the only power in the universe that can give us that which causes us to serve and work in the first place: joy. It’s his and his alone to give. Try it, you’ll see. Develop enough faith in God and God will reveal himself to you.

  22. There is a loving, amazing, and just God who does exist.

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