1. yeah too bad he couldn’t at least gut it out to finish

  2. Sorry. I just clicked reply on the post that was at the top of the queue.

  3. Did you read my comment? I didn’t say anything about the half.

  4. Getting “back down” under an 1:00:00 in the half-marathon is one of his goals? That seemed safe to assume after he said he dreams of going sub 2:00:00 for the full, haha. You probably need about 56:50 speed for a 2:00:00 marathon … and the WR is ‘only’ 58:23.

  5. He won’t be the first to run a sub 2 hour marathon. That probably won’t happen for 30 years. Ryan is a great runner though.

  6. this is great

  7. Inspirational! (But I still ain’t trading in my Ford Fusion!)

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