1. how do you go to those gyms without getting a staph infection

  2. This is not the Ryan Hall you’re looking for, move along.

  3. this was funny as hell…

  4. @DawitWondim Cytomax, don’t use it though. L-Arginine (key ingerdient) is bad for you

  5. endurox

  6. in what why does running have to cost alot of money to run??

  7. Does anybody what powder did he use at like nine minutes

  8. I guess no one else in the gym needs to do leg extensions.

  9. @uncoordinatedvids no but its probably wicked expensive …

  10. They do, the whole industry caters to distance runners.

  11. THANK YOU!

  12. @Russellt0228 i train the upper body, and it puts less stress on ur legs

  13. Both are really dificult training programs in different ways

  14. Running takes a lot of money and time (time =money). Double whammy.

  15. Ya. Wears his sponsors when he goes to the gym…


  16. “you done yet? I’m getting hungry” hahahah

  17. 4 minute miles? What’s the guldern rush?!

  18. Is that right? I got that! That’s what I got!!

  19. he does plenty of his workouts on roads and pavement as well…

  20. notice how he does all his training on trails for a road marathon. trails are better than roads because of the smaller impact forces and variability in terrain which develop all parts of the foot

  21. Track and filed athlete all-around deserve a lot more credit….

  22. Lol I love the ending…I never thought of getting your fingers ripped for a marathon for those goofy water bottles.

  23. 6min/mile :D:D

  24. ignore the “i honestly don'” O:

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